At Verknipt and Wonderland we are working all year round on how we can provide the best experience for our visitors. We are always welcoming artists, creatives and designers at our premises to let their creativity roam freely and get freaky.

Send your idea to us!

Do you have a great idea or a creative concept that you have always wanted to implement on a large scale? Do you think you can strengthen our concepts with your creativity? Send an e-mail to [email protected] with your portfolio and creative idea and maybe your creation will be brought into reality in collaboration with Wonderland and/or Verknipt. 

Contact us with your CV

During Events we also rely on experienced Freelancers that contribute to the success of our event. If you are an experienced freelancer working in: Artist handling, Creative, Production: build and break or something similar, we might be looking for you!

If you are interested in working on a project base or during one of our events please send your CV to [email protected] and we will be in touch!

Read more about our job possibilities here