BASSWELL all night long

DATE: February 23rd
TIME: 23.00 – 06.00
LOCATION: Hemkade, Zaandam


Hold on tight because this time around we are bringing you the hard techno master Basswell for our traditional Verknipt All Night Long experience. This 7-hour-long journey will surely be an unforgettable night with Basswell bringing his selection of the HARDEST and FASTEST rave tracks out there!

Are you ready to get the ‘Bass Down Low’?

If you get to the shop early, you will have a chance to grab one of the Loyal Raver tickets, the normal tickets are €5 more expensive and the late tickets even €10 more!


The Verknipt all-nighter mentality

As we are hosting increasingly bigger events, we also want to bring the intimate atmosphere back to the events through our All Night Long editions! We are carrying on the Verknipt family feeling with both visitors and artists at the industrial Hemkade location. Taking all the Verknipt madness from our events and bringing it to a venue with only one artist ALL NIGHT! Expect to go as HARD as we always do at Verknipt!

At Verknipt All Night Long, we present you more than just music. During these editions, an artist will be put in the spotlight for you to be amazed by their power. Get ready to go through a musical rollercoaster, blown away by the sounds coming out of the speakers, bathed in mesmerising visuals and carried away by the unmissable atmosphere. Dance together like there’s no tomorrow, connecting with thousands of like-minded ravers. Get ready to go hard, get ready to be Verknipt!