• DATE /31 dec & 01 JAN
  • TIME /14:00–00:00
  • E-MAIL /info@verknipt.org
  • ADDRESS /Klokgebouw, Eindhoven
Unfortunately we have sad news of which we kind of had seen coming. There aren’t any events allowed during NYE/NYD due to ongoing restrictions from the government. Therefore Verknipt NYE/NYD can’t be held.
Refunds go automatically (the person who bought the tickets will receive this before December 31st)
You don’t need to email / contact us!
We hope to see you all at Verknipt Festival 2022 – 11 + 12 June!
First names announced…
⚡️Saturday June 11
In alphabetical order
🔥Ben Hemsley
🔥Cassie Raptor
🔥Don Woezik
🔥Jan Vercauteren
🔥Mason Maynard
🔥Nico Moreno
🔥Sara Landry
⚡️Sunday June 12
🔥Cera Khin
🔥Charlie Sparks
🔥Cynthia Spiering
🔥Dyen b2b Nico Moreno
🔥Fatima Hajji

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