• DATE /postponed
  • TIME /23:59 PM - 07:00 AM
  • E-MAIL /info@verknipt.org
  • ADDRESS /leuvehoofd 5 rotterdam

Event description

➳ Tickets; Start ticket-sale April 29th, 12.00 Sharp! bit.ly/verkniptboatspecial10oct

This year, we decided to step up the game.. A new boat, a new adventure!

Dance until the early morning during our Verknipt Boat Specials. Several sold-out editions have proven that the only thing we need are a bunch of techno-lovers. We’ll sort out the rest.

Verknipt Boat Specials has a secret line-up. You can expect 7 hours of quality techno music within an intimate vibe. The boat itself offers all facilities we need.

Enjoy a great view on the waters while being pleased with quality music. Only an exclusive number of people can join, so don’t hesitate to buy your tickets on time!

➳ 600 techno-lovers on a ‘Verknipt’ boat at a new location!
➳ Secret line-up
➳ Intimate
➳ Inside area with quality techno
➳ Boarding location: Leuvehoofd 5
➳ It is important to be present on time
➳ The boat leaves at 1.15 AM!
➳ After this we will continue sailing until 06.00 AM!
➳ From 06.00 AM to 07.00 AM the party will continue its last hour on the quay
➳ We prefer to scan your ticket through your smartphone!
➳ Outside deck is open for smokers or if you want to cool off
➳ Lockers & Wardrobe (also for your bag): only cash (€2 coin!)
➳ Take your earplugs with you or buy them on board
➳ Toilets present
➳ For smokers: bring your own cigarettes!

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◥ Soundcloud | www.soundcloud.com/verknipt-events
◥ Spotify | http://bit.ly/SpotifyVerknipt

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