Fill out this short survey about last weekend and enter your recycle token code! Among the participants we will raffle off one year access to all Verknipt events! Click here to fill out the survey & redeem recycle tokens.


You can purchase a locker here!

How does it work?

One day before the festival you will receive an email from the locker company with your lockernumber + pincode. If the online sale is sold out, we will also have plenty of lockers available at the festival.

I’ve bought a locker ticket online and I did not receive an e-mail one day before the event from the locker company?

No worries, there will be a locker desk available at the festival. Make sure to show them your locker ticket and they will help you right away!

You can pay with tokens at Verknipt Festival, which can be bought at the location by PIN, Credit Card & Cash.

There will be a wide variety of food and drinks available at the festival. We’ve included vega(n), gluten free and dairy free options!

Can I bring lollipops to the event?

You are not allowed to bring food & beverages to the events of Verknipt. Which means lollipops are not allowed either. But, we will make sure that lollipops can be purchased at the events. 

There will be various merchandise stands available on the festivals selling Verknipt Festival merch, hand fans, earplugs, sunglasses, sunscreen and much more!

You can also order our merchandise pieces online, so you can go to the festival prepared! Shop here.

The festival will take place on the 8th & 9th of June. There will be no camping at the event.

Saturday, we will start at 12:00. The festival ends at 23:00. 

Sunday, we will start an hour later: at 13:00. The festival ends at 23:00. 

Until what time can I enter the event? 

The doors are open until 20:00. If you arrive later, we are permitted to refuse entry. Please be on time! 


All Verknipt Festival events are 18+. Make sure to bring your ID

Can I bring my medication to the festival?

With an official doctor’s note it is permitted to bring your medication to the festival.

I am disabled. Is the festival accessible for disabled?

Yes, the festival is accessible for disabled people. We will make sure that the paths to every stage and facility are fully accessible. At every toilet area, there are disable toilet facilities. Don’t hesitate to ask our staff for help when needed!

Can I bring my bag to the festival? 

We would like to remind you that bags larger than A4 size (21x30cm) are not permitted on the festival grounds for security reasons. We kindly request your cooperation in adhering to this policy in order to maintain the safety and comfort of all festival attendees.

What can’t I bring to the Festival?

It is forbidden to bring glass objects, plastic bottles, cans, drones, weapons or hazardous objects, explosive objects or flammable liquids, fireworks or other liquids like spray bottle of sunscreen (closed sunscreen lotion packaging is allowed), perfume, (alcoholic drinks) etc. The security guards have every right to throw items away and refuse entry if not taken seriously. Read the full list of forbidden items in the house rules.

Can I bring sunscreen to the Festival?

It is allowed to bring NEW sunscreen to the festival. Spray bottles are not allowed! We also sell sunscreen at the merchandise stand for a low amount.

Can I bring valuable items to the Festival?

We advise not to bring any valuable items to the Festival! In case you did bring valuable items, we recommend getting a locker at the entrance of the Festival to leave your belongings.

Can I bring my photo or film camera to the Festival?

It depends on the camera. Professional gear (or other gear that is uses for commercial purposes) is not allowed unless communicated beforehand and with the organization’s approval.

Can I smoke at the festival?

It is allowed to smoke at the festival. Inside tents or canopies it is not allowed to smoke, this will also be indicated at the area’s. 

Can I buy cigarettes at the festival?

It is not possible to buy cigarettes on the festival premises.

Can I buy hearing protection at the festival?

Yes, we sell hearing protection at the merchandise stand!

Due to safety reasons, we have chosen not to allow bags larger than A4 size at our festival (& our other events). This is also mentioned in our house rules!

If you do have a larger bag, we recommend leaving it in the baggage lockers at Utrecht Central Station.

Small foldable totebags & shoulderbags are allowed, but no padded large backpacks and weekend luggage.

During Verknipt Festival 2023, we’ve worked with hard cups for the first time. This edition has been a trial, where we will mainly investigate whether this method can really improve the sustainability of the event and is also well handled by our visitors. If so, we will use hard cups more often at our events!

Deposit recycle system

We work with a deposit system on all cups during this event. When getting a first drink, visitors pay 0,5 token for the use of a hard cup. All empty cups can be returned to the bar for a new drink or recycle token. By doing this, we make sure that all cups are collected and can be reused at multiple events. This way of recycling is very easy, with much love for nature and a perfect way to reduce our waste!

How does it work?

  1. When you get your first drink at the bar, you’ll have to pay 0,5 token extra to make use of the hard cup.
  2. With each drink you order, you hand in your empty cup. If you don’t want another drink, you can also hand in your empty cup in exchange for a recycle token.
  3. Lost your recycle token and/or your cup? Then you have to pay the 0.5 token again. Broken cups are not accepted.
  4. At the end of the festival, our team will be ready to recollect all used hard cups! You can hand the empty cups over to them, so that the cups can remain intact and be recycled.

At the end of the event you can hand in your hard cup for a recycle token, which contains an unique code, that you can use to WIN great prizes: a yearly ticket for all Verknipt raves, tickets for upcoming editions & merch packages!

Verknipt maintains a zero tolerance policy on drugs. It is forbidden to use, trade or posses any drugs at the event. When the organization spots or confirms any infringements, the offender can be handed over to the police. When the delinquent is being caught he/she will be transferred over to the police. Before entering the event you will be able to deposit drugs in the designated drug bins without being charged with any consequences. 

During the event, all lost & found items are collected at the merchandise stand. You can always check there if anything has been found!

All items that are not collected will be taken to our office in the week after the event. You can email us at [email protected] to check if your lost items are there. The items can then be collected from our office. Any loss of your items on an event is your own responsibility.

I left my stuff in my locker!

You can contact the locker agency directly via their website:

If you are a local resident, living in the nearby location of the festival, and you have any questions, you can send an email to [email protected]

How to get there

Are you traveling from Utrecht Central Station? You can take a shuttle bus for €10.00 from Utrecht Central to Verknipt Festival. The pick-up point for The Shuttle bus stop is at Expoplein, which is close to Utrecht Central Station. Follow the signs: Shuttle bus Verknipt Festival

On Saturday the shuttle buses will be running between 11:30am until 01:00am

On Sunday the shuttle buses will be running between 12:30pm until 01:00am

*Keep your shuttle bus ticket with you during the festival, it’s also your return ticket. 

These tickets can only be bought online soon! 

Shuttle buses drive back and forward during the whole event. At any given moment you can always take the shuttle bus back to Utrecht Central on both days from Verknipt Festival.

Questions about the parking shuttle bus? Check the check the ‘car & parking’ section below.

If you come by car, you must purchase a parking ticket. You can buy a parking ticket online for €25 up to an hour before the event, or for €5 more you can purchase one at the location (€30 total). 

For each ticket purchased we donate €5 to Trees For All as a CO2 compensation. Since car trips are not the most sustainable travel option, we hope to motivate our visitors this way to come by public transport, use the shuttle bus or travel with shared touring cars.

Navigation address: follow the signs towards P+R Papendorp: Mercatorlaan, Utrecht. Follow the signs and instructions given on the day of the event.

There is also a separate shuttle bus running between the car parking at P+R Papendorp and the festival, you do not need a shuttle bus tickets for this. Just show your parking ticket (all passengers can come along)!


We would like to inform you of some important changes in the accessibility of the festival site due to major maintenance on the A12 between Moordrecht and junction Oudenrijn during the festival weekend.

This shutdown will affect how visitors can reach the festival, especially for those coming by car or touringcar. 

De Meern will be opened in the evening hours when the Letschertweg is closed (the shutdown of the Letschertweg is between 21:00-01:00). However, both Saturday and Sunday during the day, exit De Meern will also be closed and traffic will be diverted via Letschertweg.

Are you coming by bike to the festival? From Utrecht city center it’s about 20 minutes to get to the magical Strijkviertel. Navigate your way to Strijkviertel 67, 3454 PK Utrecht. At the Northern side of the parking place are bike parking areas. There will be signing at the day of the event and traffic controllers instructing visitors into the right direction at the day of the event.

Share a touring bus with others! 

Want to travel with a shared touring bus from your region directly to Verknipt Festival and back? Sign up via to plan an organized bus trip together with other visitors/friends from your area!

Via ‘Busje Delen‘ you can sign up for a departure region or city. If 20-30 people from your region sign up, a bus trip will be arranged! The touring bus will pick up the visitors from this region and brings them straight to the festival. At the end of the festival, the touring car will be waiting for the visitors to bring them back to their departure city. This is a perfect solution for visitors that want to travel with a large group of friends, when public transport connections are not convenient or if you have no one to go with! If you only need a return trip, for example when the public transport no longer runs in the evening, you can also sign up for a bus trip that will you close to home.

Did you arrange your own touring bus?

We expect a large number of touring busses during Verknipt Festival, often these also all arrive and leave at about the same time. We want to make this process as smooth as possible, so that there are no endless queues. It is therefore important that all party buses/touring cars register in advance.


Navigate to: Rijnzathe 2 for the Kiss & Ride.

* CARS ONLY! Touring busses can not drop off people here. Please register your touring bus arrival. 


Where can I buy tickets?

You can purchase entrance tickets for the Verknipt Festival events here: Eventix is our official ticket platform. After buying your tickets, you will receive a confirmation email from Eventix with your order. 

What are the differences between the entrance tickets?

There is no difference between the entrance tickets. We work in tiers. Early ticket buyers have more advantage regarding buying a ticket with a discount. The later you will buy your ticket, the more expensive it will be.

I can’t find my ticket?

No worries! You can find your ticket through this link: Still can’t find your ticket? Please contact: [email protected]

I’ve bought a locker ticket online and I did not receive an e-mail one day before the event from the locker company?

No worries, there will be a locker desk available at the festival. Make sure to show them your locker ticket and they will help you right away!

Which payment methods are available to purchase tickets?

You can pay with iDeal, Bancontact, Sofort, CreditCard and PayPal through our official ticket channel Eventix.

Pay later option with KLARNA is now possible! Options may vary per country / region. 

The event is sold out, how can I get a ticket?

Unfortunately if the event is sold out, it is not possible to purchase tickets through Eventix our ticketing platform. You can visit to try and purchase safely secondary hand tickets with their secure swapping system.

What are ‘sealed tickets’ and why can’t I download the tickets?

Recently Verknipt switched to a new kind of tickets: sealed tickets. These tickets can only be viewed and downloaded shortly before the event. When it’s time to download your tickets, you will get a notification by email from Eventix (our ticket provider). If you’ve purchased tickets for a group of people, you’ll be able to assign the tickets or send them to your friends once they are available for download.

Why does Verknipt have ‘sealed tickets’?

Verknipt uses these sealed tickets because the ticket sale will be fairer. By using these tickets, it makes it impossible for scammers to resell their tickets through unofficial third parties/secondary markets. Tickets can only be sold through our verified partner ‘TicketSwap’ by Secure Swap. Through Secure Swap they exchange the ticket for a brand new one, so the buyer has a 100% chance to get into the event with the ticket. Also, it is not possible for sellers to ask more than 120% of the price through TicketSwap, so the ticket will always be sold for a fair price.

Is it possible to resell my ‘sealed tickets’?

If you decide to sell your ticket, it is only possible to do so through our verified partner ‘TicketSwap‘. You need your confirmation email to view your order. At the bottom of your order you will find a blue button, click the button to resell the tickets on TicketSwap. Only this way you can resell your tickets. Can’t find your confirmation mail with your order? You can find your ticket through this link: Still can’t find your ticket? Please contact: [email protected]

Keep in mind that the maximum asking price for a resold ticket is 120% of the original ticket price and that selling your ticket(s) to a new visitor always happens through Secure Swap. After selling, you can no longer use the ticket as it will be declared invalid.

I’m having trouble reselling my ticket.

If you’re having trouble offering your ticket on TicketSwap, you can follow the steps in this link! 

Can’t find your confirmation mail with your order? You can find your ticket through this link: Still can’t find your ticket? Please contact: [email protected]

Still having trouble? Please contact TicketSwap via, they can help you with reselling the ticket.

Can I scan my tickets on my phone?

Yes. Make sure to put the brightness of your phone on 100%.

I can’t find my ticket?

No worries! You can find your ticket through this link: Still can’t find your ticket? Please contact: [email protected]

I’ve bought a locker ticket online and I did not receive an e-mail one day before the event from the locker company?

No worries, there will be a locker desk available at the festival. Make sure to show them your locker ticket and they will help you right away!

Can I cancel my ticket?

It is not possible to cancel your tickets. Choose a reliable platform to resell your ticket such as: or sell your ticket to your friends!

The event has been cancelled, what happens now?

If the event can’t take place due to Covid-19, you can request a refund. 

Further instructions will be given through email, please wait patiently for this.

When will I receive my refund?

The process of refunding your ticket will be approximately 5 business days after confirmation.