The event will take place on Saturday, 14th of December,  from 18:00 to 04:00. Doors will open at 18:00 and music will start playing at that time.

Doors close at 2AM.

Can I re-enter the event after leaving?

Re-entry is not possible!

You can pay by credit card, cash or cashless.

You can get a locker at the venue. You can only pay with cash.

The event location is accessible to the disabled and wheelchairs. Do not hesitate to ask our staff for assistance if needed.

Verknipt and Spazio maintain a zero tolerance policy on drugs. It is forbidden to use, trade or possess any drugs at the event. When the organization spots or confirms any infringements, the offender can be handed over to the police. When the delinquent is being caught he/she will be transferred over to the police.

Yes, there is an outdoor designated smoking area at the location. Smoking inside the venue is prohibited.

The event location has a dedicated food court where you can find vegetarian, gluten free and lactose free options as well. You can pay these in cashless and card as well. Keep in mind that bringing your own food items to the venue is not possible.

During this event, we will use both Spazio’s list of prohibited items and our own list of house rules. Please read the list below carefully before entering the venue. Rules in other countries may differ from those you are used knowing from us. 

Prohibited items are: 

  • Hard, soft drugs (joints) & laughing gas
  • Chewing gum & lollipops
  • Weapons of any kind, objects that can be used in a similar way to a weapon or a dangerous projectile and do not obviously serve another, peaceful purpose (e.g. rucksack)
  • Medication if there is no medical document unequivocally confirming the need to carry and use them, irritant gas, pepper spray, animal repellent spray
  • Laser pointers, corrosive or highly flammable substances (e.g. spray deodorants, large perfume bottles & hairspray), fireworks, sparklers, pyrotechnic material, flares, smoke candles, Bengal fires or other pyrotechnic effects, poles or sticks, unless required in the case of mobility impairment, bulky items, unless specifically permitted by the event website
  • Weapons or objects that could be used as weapons, objects that could negatively affect the safety, health or well-being of visitors, aerosols, sprays, atomizers, fireworks, flares and transport vehicles.
  • Individual or uniform clothing or other objects intended to express opinions or advertising, unless previously expressly permitted by the organiser (in this case, the advertiser must provide the organiser’s written consent), advertising material of any kind, in particular flyers, unless previously expressly permitted by the organiser (in which case the advertiser must submit the organiser’s written consent)
  • Objects with discriminatory and/or provocative texts and/or expressions, polarizing or group-specific clothing. Commercial, political or religious items (unless they are typical articles of clothing of the respective religion) of any kind, including banners, signs, symbols and flyers, racist, xenophobic, left-wing and right-wing propaganda materials, especially those of parties or associations declared unconstitutional or otherwise banned, masks (e.g. balaclavas) that do not obviously serve costuming purposes and motorbike helmets, loose metal chains, which can be worn around the body for example (incorporated into clothing or accessories is allowed),
  • Electrical or other devices capable of emitting sounds, noise, music or odours that go beyond normal use (e.g. a mobile phone is permitted),
  • (Alcoholic) beverages and food of any kind, unless the visitor is dependent on them for health or medical reasons; the visitor must provide evidence of the exception.
  • Glassware, (plastic) bottles, cans, plastic canisters, foldable water sacks and/or other drinking containers, sticks, umbrellas, grinders, walking sticks ((medical crutches and aids excepted), animals, loose metal chains, chairs, seats and seating (e.g. polystyrene cubes), drones and other unmanned aerial vehicles, animals of any kind or size, other objects that are suitable and usually intended to disrupt the orderly running/course of the event or cause damage. 

How to get there

Navigation address: Chem. des Felons, 84140 Avignon


Are you coming by car? There is a free parking with limited places

Public transportation

Public transportation in France is well-connected, but it’s essential to check the schedules and plan your journey accordingly, especially if you arrive late at night or during weekends.

Use this website to plan your trip in advance! 



Where can I buy tickets?

You can purchase entrance tickets for the Verknipt  events here: https://www.verknipt.org/verknipt/tickets/. Eventix is our official ticket platform. After buying your tickets, you will receive a confirmation email from Eventix with your order. 

What are the differences between the entrance tickets?

There is no difference between the entrance tickets. We work in tiers. Early ticket buyers have more advantage regarding buying a ticket with a discount. The later you will buy your ticket, the more expensive it will be.

I can’t find my ticket?

No worries! You can find your ticket through this link: https://eventix.nl/search. Still can’t find your ticket? Please contact: [email protected]

I’ve bought a locker ticket online and I did not receive an e-mail one day before the event from the locker company?

No worries, there will be a locker desk available at the festival. Make sure to show them your locker ticket and they will help you right away!

Which payment methods are available to purchase tickets?

You can pay with iDeal, Bancontact, Sofort, CreditCard and PayPal through our official ticket channel Eventix.

The event is sold out, how can I get a ticket?

Unfortunately if the event is sold out, it is not possible to purchase tickets through Eventix our ticketing platform. You can visit www.ticketswap.nl to try and purchase safely secondary hand tickets with their secure swapping system.

Can I scan my ticket on my phone?

Yes. Make sure to put the brightness of your phone on 100%.


Can I cancel my ticket?

It is not possible to cancel your tickets. Choose a reliable platform to resell your ticket such as: www.ticketswap.nl or sell your ticket to your friends!


How can I resell my tickets?

Reselling tickets in Spain is arranged differently than in the Netherlands. You can change the name on a ticket, and resell it this way. But we understand that this is a bit less convenient for the Dutch public, to find someone willing to travel all the way to Spain. 


Therefore, we advise our Dutch visitors to be mindful when buying a ticket, as there’s a chance you won’t be able to resell the ticket. You can use TicketSwap, but they are not a partner of BlackWorks. In case of problems with your ticket abroad bought via TicketSwap or any other way, BlackWorks unfortunately cannot help you with this. We therefore only recommend buying tickets through Blackworks’ official site.


Unfortunately Verknipt is not arranging the tickets directly. Blackworks is facilitating this matter. If your question cannot be answered in our frequently asked questions, you can contact [email protected].