Verknipt Festival 2022 About Us


Verknipt is an event organization known for its wild techno events for over a decade! As Verknipt focuses on (hard) techno, industrial techno and other hard dance rave music, with multiple events throughout the year at various locations, booking well known artists and introducing our visitors to new rising stars! Together with a crazy light and lasershow and freaky visuals: we have the perfect mix to get you to rave! With roughly 155.000 visitors a year and now expanding to roughly 250.000 visitors in 2024, we have greatly expanded our Verknipt community. Do you also live to rave? Join the Verknipt Family!
Verknipt was founded in 2012 and up until 2022 they organized events in the Netherlands. Within a short period of time Verknipt gained a well-known name in the Netherlands and conquered the hearts of many techno fans. As of today they are the leading organization in their national and also international hard techno scene. In addition to hosting other major events such as Wonderland, Verknipt has made her mark across the country and increased its audience reach from different countries.