Making Verknipt more sustainable!


As a worldwide known event organization, we want to set an example in the event industry by being innovative in terms of sustainability. What, why and how we do this, is explained in the following four pillars: Collective consciousness, Preservation & restoration, Waste management and Reduce CO2.

  • Conscious sustainable food options available will be 50% vegetarian. Every food truck contributes to sustainability. We do not include any food trucks in our festival that do not prioritize sustainability and no single-use plastic is used in the food court area; instead, we use biodegradable disposable alternatives. The crew food during the build up and breakdown will be 50% vegetarian. Either lunch or dinner will be completely vegetarian. The non-vegetarian crew food meal will still include vegetarian options. Bar staff eats completely vegetarian or vegan meals during their shifts. At food trucks, we exclusively use biodegradable cleaning products.
  • Guest list: At Verknipt events, we ask all guests on the guest list and backstage list to make a mandatory contribution of €10 before entry. This money will be donated to a charity The €10 donation for this ticket will go to investing in our sustainability plans for Verknipt and Wonderland events. By making this donation, we not only make a positive contribution to the event but also to a more sustainable world. 
  • Collaboration with Eventix and Trees for All: An option for CO2 compensation when purchasing a ticket. With this money, Eventix plants trees in collaboration with Trees for All in Bolivia to combat deforestation there.
  • Cigarettes: Since 2022, there is a ban on all cigarette vending machines in the hospitality industry. Since 2019, Verknipt has already stopped selling cigarettes at all its events. We aim to reduce the waste from cigarette butts and discourage smoking.
  • The event scene was and still is dominated by a lot of males. Since the very start of Verknipt, they aim to close the gender gap in the event industry by recruiting female freelancers in the event scene and representing more female artists on the line-up.
  • Chewing Gum: since 2021, it is prohibited to bring chewing gum to any of our events. Security strictly enforces this rule and conducts thorough searches. Verknipt has taken the lead in implementing this policy, and as a result, many venues and other organizations have followed since the end of 2021. Chewing gum takes at least 20 years to decompose. When it enters the environment, it can cause significant damage to nature and the wildlife that inhabits it. Additionally, chewing gum can cause substantial damage to indoor locations. 

Effective waste management is a crucial part of our sustainability efforts.

  • Waste segregation: We have implemented a comprehensive waste segregation system at our event, with clearly labeled bins for recyclables, compostables, and general waste. We encourage attendees to properly dispose of their waste and provide clear instructions and signage to facilitate this process.
  • Stop using single-use plastic
    • We have completely stopped the use of single-use plastic disposables at our food trucks and crew catering. They will now only use biodegradable disposable utensils. 
    • Additionally, we have switched to reusable hard cups and said goodbye to RPET cups. By transitioning to reusable hard cups, we significantly reduce the amount of waste that would otherwise be produced. These cups can be used again and again, helping us reduce our ecological footprint and minimize our impact on the environment.
  • The team from Statiegeld Nederland will be present from the nearest train station, the route to the venue, designated shuttle bus stops until the entrance/exit of the venue to collect deposits from empty bottles or cans (statiegeld. The proceeds from all bottles and containers found along the way or handed in bottles and containers will go to the charity: De Voedselbank Nederland (The Food Bank Netherlands).

The three R’s:


  • Verknipt has made the switch very early from offline to online marketing. Currently, 95% of our marketing materials are already online. Additionally, we ensure that our offline marketing materials are often universal, allowing for reuse and therefore we reduce paper waste and single use prints
  • Universal signage: Since 2019 we aim to have only universal signage and bords on our outdoor and indoor events. Since 2023 we will have universal signing for both indoor and outdoor events combined. This includes universal price lists for merchandise, bars, price lists, shuttle bus signs, directional signage, information points, safety instructions, house rules, etc. Reducing the need for multiple sets of signage. This approach promotes efficiency and minimizes waste. 


  • Decoration: We decreased the use of new materials and aim to reuse as much decor as possible. We will increasingly opt for sustainable and environmentally friendly materials, such as recycled props or natural elements, to prevent unnecessary waste production.
  • Digital marketing: Prioritize digital marketing and communication tools instead of paper flyers or brochures.
  • Using refillable water sacks for crew instead of water bottles: From 2023 Verknipt will implement refillable water sacks instead of handing out water bottles to crew for the build up and break down. The material is BPA free and therefore safe to reuse long term. All crew will be informed in their briefing and encouraged to bring your own water bottle or use the reusable water sacks. The watersacks can be adjusted to your bag or clothing. This way we are cutting down single use plastic on the workfloor and fighting water waste.


  • Hard cups: During our indoor events, we are taking a major step towards sustainability by implementing hard cups. These reusable cups replace the previous RPET cups. These hard cups are made from sustainable materials and can be used repeatedly, significantly reducing waste at our event. 
  • Cup & Coin: This incentive is committed to keeping the Venue as clean as possible by collecting all hard cups and bottles. Visitors can return their empty cups to the mobile collection points or the recycle stations where visitors have the opportunity to return hard cups or bottles in exchange for recycle tokens. This system reduces the number of discarded hard cups and minimizes the environmental impact. They also provide information to visitors about the recycling system. To enhance this incentive Verknipt holds multiple possibilities to win prizes at the event by handing in your hardcup at the end of the event for your recycle coin. Each coin has an unique code and with the code you can win a prize. The recycle coins are 100% made of recycled materials and will be recycled again after the event.
  • Donation and reuse: Items that are still in good condition but no longer needed, such as event decorations or equipment, are donated to local organizations or reused for future events to minimize waste.

“We aim to reuse as much as possible. We are committed to minimizing waste generation and maximizing recycling and reuse opportunities at our events.”

  • Encourage sustainable mobility.
    • Visitors: We already have a strong emphasis on public transportation, cycling, and shared rides, which significantly reduces CO2 emissions. We encourage visitors to use public transportation, bicycles, or walking to reach the event whenever possible. Visitors will also be encouraged to carpool, and various tips will be communicated on how they can reach the event in a sustainable manner. 
    • Artists: To reduce the CO2 emissions during the transportation of artists, new measures will be taken to minimize this impact. Shared rides will be organized using vans instead of individual cars, resulting in fewer vehicles and lower CO2 emissions. Transportation will be planned as efficiently as possible, and efforts will be made to have multiple artists in one vehicle, reducing the number of trips. 
    • Crew: The crew of Verknipt will also contribute to making the festival more sustainable. Just like the visitors, the crew will be encouraged to travel to the event in a sustainable manner. The crew will also be encouraged to use public transportation or carpooling, which will be specifically mentioned in the crew briefing for events. Therefore, the briefing will emphasize the encouragement of carpooling or finding other sustainable ways to reach the event.
  • Trees for All Foundation: 
    • At our indoor events, we have a strong focus on sustainability and reducing our CO2 emissions. Therefore, starting from 2023, we have decided to increase the prices of parking tickets (where possible) by €5 when parking tickets are available for visitors to encourage visitors to use alternative modes of transportation such as public transport, bicycles, or walking. We increased the price to discourage unconscious travelling choices and encourage sustainable mobility. The proceeds of the increase of the parking tickets will be donated to the Trees for All Foundation to offset the visitors’ CO2 emissions. 
    • During the regular ticket checkout process, visitors also have the option to make a voluntary donation to the Trees for All Foundation. Trees for All Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and restoration of forests worldwide.